Sunday, August 12, 2012

Continuous Learning Experience for Village School Teachers

I always thought of this - where do school teachers take help if they need help on subjects?  Teachers in cities and big towns always have good sources like professors, internet, library etc to take help from. However, teachers in the village do not have a mechanism to take help from. They are continuously exposed to continued teaching experience; but they do not get continuous learning experience. 

I have few ideas for addressing this need.  There is a huge entrepreneurial opportunity to execute one or all of these now -

  • A tuition centre for teachers in the villages. 
  • A call centre for teachers who can log in and take help. 
  • Like medical camps, social workers and volunteers can visit villages and do education camps
  • Universities can setup mandatory quarterly visits to villages or get the teachers to cities for quarterly refresher courses for village teachers.
  • Lab visits for practical knowledge.

Mere provision of internet and electronic media to the teachers without any practical help can add to their frustration.
I will blog more on each of the proposals after brainstorming with like minded people.

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