Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Life Sucks Because Their Life Soaks

When I hear the phrase "Soak No More",  of all the broad themes what I see most prominent is "Getting Soaked in Day Dreams".
I wish we have a detergent, a magic tool, a milk powder, or an inhaler that will shake off people from day dreams. Not to blame the individual, its mostly the environment that puts people to lull.
1. At school :   A dull teacher in a congested classroom puts everyone in to lull (except first bench); classroom with no fan soaks everyone in sweat; randomly the principal arrives soaking everybody (including the teacher) in fear.
2. At road: Most of the drivers keenly follow the traffic signal but many a times the signal is not justified. We soak ourselves in traffic not because of the traffic but because of the traffic police. Until the police arrives, the traffic is smooth; what an irony!
3. At home: Life is not black and white for many.  Life is either colourful or black.  Colourful because people soak themselves into TV programmes for hours together.  The young ones soak into music, the elder ones into tears (lifelong TV serials).  When the power supply goes, everyone soaks into darkness - we reach out to the neighbour and discuss how bad the government is and not providing constant power supply (the real concern is missing the TV program).  Actually neighbours dont see each other, but its the power cut that bonded them to together and they are soaked into conversations on politics, society and school's high fees - all until the power comes.
4. On the mobile -  Everyone is soaked into mobile these days.  The ear plugs stem out of the curvy ears of the girls and boys lined up on the window seats of the bus. They either listen to music or call somebody but do not talk to the neighbour seat person or to the family person.  They send "I love you" SMS to Music programmes so that everyone can read.  Soaked into SMS world, they keep checking every now and then if a 'message is received'.  They dont properly talk to their "appa" because they are already soaked in android "apps".  They are upset when the daddy gets angry;  they are happy when they can kill angry birds.
5. On the Internet - Everyone is soaked into Internet these days.  They jump into the internet pool as soon as they wakeup, tweet good morning, make some "likes", forward some junks, and check some filmy news.
6. On the news media - I know of the few who are soaked into all forms of news media - TV, newspaper, online websites;  as an additional measure, they soak themselves into cafetaria discussions (paid by their employers) almost deciding the fate of this country.
7. Soaked in queues:  Most of us are soaked in queues, because we do not really follow the queue.  If we can define a queue as a "single thread", we spin branches out of it.
8. Soaked in eatery joints: This is a hugry world - every 1.5 hours.  We have not solved the toilet problems (I mean lack of sufficient toilets) but we have solved the food problem and health problem.  First we soak ourselves into all types of food;  second we soak ourselves into all types of medicine.  For every individual, there are 5 hotels available.  For every individual, there are 5 pharmacies available.
9. Soaked in religious tours:  We have not found the "God particle" yet.  The home's pooja room Ganesha and other lined up Gods are not sufficient.  We pray, commit, and visit all the relatives of Gods.  We travel from one part of the country to another part to see if  some other God can help.  Soaked in all types of religious measures, we still fail to see God in ourselves.
10. Soaked in Advice:  The best advice I would give is "Do not give advice".  When someone shares his concern,  please listen. When someone is upset, comfort them.  When someone shares something, do not provide advice.  Advice contributes to 80% of pollution in this country.  Whereever I turn, advice, advice, advice.
For many, life sucks because their life soaks.  Read all the above 10 points, soak yourself into some serious thinking, change yourselves and only after that change the society.  Soak No More.  Hope I justified the title.

Note:  This is my article for Indiblogger contest on the theme "Soak No More".   Visit this link for more details.


  1. Ganesh Sir Mahesh from Chennai here, really well-written! Ten Commandments to follow:)

    1. Hi Mahesh, how are you? Thanks for visiting my blog. Not really commandments, thalaivaa...I feel the technology has taken over and we all heavily glued to it. Used the Indiblogger opportunity to vent out :-)