Monday, August 13, 2012

Why There Is No Such Thing As Failure

One of the NLP Presuppositions is "There is no such thing as Failure; there is only feedback."

It is true.  You may also want to equate it with 'everything is maya' concept; however if you meditate more on this presupposition, you will understand the "truth".

This world is running through a chain reaction - if only we can see the cosmic rays probably we may see web of events. The events interact, interfere, impede and impact one another.  One leads to another. By "event", I do not mean an incident, in our conversational sense. It could be anything that is "exeA cuting" or "under execution". Let us assume you understood this and probably agreed to this.

Given this a well coordinated, complex events, - is it really fair to expect only success. Having studied history, we know both "success" and "failures" are part of our baggage.

There is no such thing as failure! There are only results.

So, when we work on any mission, lets remember this -

a) Success and failure are one of the results.
b) A success necessarily need not mean, it was possible due to your efforts. There could be other "contributing factors".
c) A failure necessarily need not mean, it was due to your efforts. There could be other "contributing factors".

So, when you encounter so called "failure"
1. Do not accept it as a failure - see it as a case for study
2. Identify those contributing factors
3. If you are really serious about your "intended result",  rework again.
4. If your intention was to try only once, and expect success - probably you are not serious.

I tuned myself into a philosphical mindset and attempted to write this for the last 3 days - I think I got it this time. Please meditate on this - There is no such thing as failure.

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