Saturday, August 11, 2012

Diya's Wake Up Calendar

Diya is such a nice kid that she allows me to experiment good ideas with her. We needed a mechanism to make Diya wake up in the morning without we doing any circus. I came up with a Wake Up Chart with the following features: a) Its a matrix of  15 days and morning time slots. b) The time slots start from 6am, till 8 am and with a gap of 15 minutes. c) Each time slot is named "Superb", "Excellent", "Wow"  etc. Now, this is what happens.  Diya wakes up in the morning and rushes up to the chart to color code what time she woke up.  She asks "Daddy, what time I woke up?".  If I say 6.15 am, she responds "today is Excellent". For morning conversation starts like this for the past one month or so. Here in the attached images you can see her July and August charts. Diya tries to innovate with different colours and connecting the dots. For next month, I am planning to make more kid-friendly chart instead of a typical corporate like tabular chart. :-) Request the parents to try this Wake Up chart, if you like this idea.

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