Saturday, September 1, 2012

Here is a call to change Bangalore city - iChangeMyCity

Many of us often complaint - not to the respective departments, but among ourselves - on various civic issues in Bangalore.  Here is an e-initiatve from the Janaagrahaa called IChangeMyCity (link) where everyone can log their complaints online.

Here is what you need to do:

a) Create an account for yourself
b) Then post a complaint on the issue that you would like to address -
  1. You select the location from the embedded Google Map
  2. You describe the complaint
  3. If you have a photo or so, you can post one

c) You select the type of the problem (traffic, garbage etc) so that the complaint can be accordingly routed through.
d) You can also view others complaints and vote "I am affected"
e) You can also create a group so that many of us can collectively fight a common issue

The issue gets assigned to the ward corporator or any respective authority.  You also accumulate points for creating issues (I am not sure what it means to have points; but it could be for some motivation).

The authority acknowledges and also provides the contact number, or take action.  Once the action taken, you can change the status to "resolved".

You may say 'there are several such initiatives in the past but nothing happened'; but this is different:  The entire Bangalore city's problems are plotted on a map. It is visible where the problem lies.

If you agree with me, please take action now.  Visit the IChangeMyCity (link); spread a word on this initiative to other friends; if you are a blogger, blog about this. If you are employed, post this info in your billboard.

Be the change, before you expect the change!


  1. I remember what a Bus conductor told a friend of mine recently, " You have to bring the Change, Change cannot be given to you every time." (Shankar)

    1. Is this the same conductor who later become a Super Star? Because he changed the way how people comb their hair, or walk or even smoke or even speak :-)