Sunday, September 30, 2012

Floored by books

What a magic world is that of books!
Being a bibliophile, I found myself rearranging my bookshelf to put them in some order.
And I had an opportunity to spend time in front of my best friend Dr.Shankar's bookshelf (read bookshelves) with vast collection of books from diversified topics.  Dr.Shankar introduced me to various authors, characters and subjects. Overnight, I chose to sleep at the feet of the huge bookshelf so that I can flip through all the books the next day (today's) early morning. 
Recently I have developed a lot of interest in Linguistics and constantly pursuing topics on health.  I ordered Manhood of Humanity: The Science and Art of Human Engineering by Alfred Korzybski; and Eat to Live: The Amazing Nutrient-Rich Program for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss by Fuhrman Joel.  The Eat to Live is on the Top 10 on Amazon and the once-obese-readers have been sharing exciting feedback.
Today, I ordered some more books - some of the books are influenced by Dr.Shankar and some by Bill Gates blog -
If the world has produced so many books on various topics, they have been published because someone wrote it, bothered to write about something.  But this world has not produced enough books yet - as there are several men and women have not shared their stories yet.

I am literally floored by the world of books. 

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