Monday, October 1, 2012

BESCOM Helpdesk is professional!

If you ever complained of BESCOM in the past, you would have noticed a lot has been improving in the BESCOM.  I would like to highlight my experiences with BESCOM customer support.  Anytime the power goes, I immediately call 080-22873333 which is a 24 x 7 customer care support. Someone always picks up - they take all the details like the time power went, address, contact details and provide the complaint number.  Once the power is restored, they call back and ensure we are satisfied.

Today, I had to call due to a power cut. I also gave feedback that while I am happy that the complaints are immediately attended to, the short power cuts have been happening very frequently in our area.  The executive (yes, she is one!)  suggested that I write to so that all the complaints are reviewed by the senior officers.

This is really professional and I am very glad to write about this in August Minds.

Hearty Appreciations to BESCOM HelpDesk.

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