Monday, September 24, 2012

Airtel woes - Jo Mera Hai, Woh Tera Hai

Paying bills is one of the monotonous things that everyone hates to do.  You end up avoiding the 'bored' feeling by automating it -  through ECS, automated payment options etc.

But if you just automate and dont verify the bills, you are the problem.

If you are a Airtel customer, Airtel Customer Care is part of your everyday life.  If you have not spoken today, you may talk to them this week.  If you have not spoken to them this week, you will speak this month, for sure.

Most of us almost end up taking to them for Broadband disconnects, Exorbitant Mobile Bills, Telecaller nuisance for one more Postpaid connection.

2G / 3G ?  - How come the customer care people charge you for 2G, and 3G if you have not really used it.  The excuse they give is weird - if your area has 3G network, your 2G becomes 3G.  But my question is - when did I opt for 2G ? 
Everybody is made some form of 2G scam, whether they like it or not. I am also worried more for the poor who are charged exorbitantly for some innocent clicks.

Broadband Woes - Broadband speed invariably varies, sometimes zero.  The technical team discovers that there is a problem in the junction box, and finds need for replacing old cables to new cables.  Dont you guys have a monitoring service? and why do you wait for the customer to call 4 times a month?

Dish TV - Every day, you see a yellow icon eating up the space with new message on the TV screen.  But when it comes to taking that 'extra money' you get a SMS - "new 5 channels have been added to your account; and your package price is increased by so & so".  Whom did you ask, madam?    And when you actually introduced a new free channel, you never let me know.

Online account -  Are there really technical people with Airtel for maintaining their website? I wonder.  You cannot reset your password, manage your account unless you talk to the customer care.

Airtel woes - Airtel woes - Jo Mera Hai, Woh Tera Hai.
Its just not with Airtel, I believe, as I hear from my Vodafone, Reliance and BSNL friends.

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  1. True - some accountability needs to be brought in for all these telecom companies - and aged people like my mom who uses a mobile phone - unknowingly clicks a button and some money gets deducted - DND also does not always work properly!

    Total chaos in the telecom industry :( the poor common man bears the brunt of the mess created by the 2G - 3G scam!