Friday, October 9, 2009

Music in Car

I always struggled with what music to listen in car. In the initial days, I listened to FM most of the time. Later, I had started collections of Illayaraja hits etc. For several months, the same CD songs was played on, on and on because my daughter had some favorites. The singers repeated the performance any number of times till they had hiccups one day. All the CDs are now crying for 'renewals'.

I decided to go for new songs collections - Illayaraj, Yuvan, Harris Jayaraj, A R Rehman, Kamal hits and so on. I bought some collections from Landmark, Jayanagar. But, believe me - all the collections that were titled Hits are really a waste! For each CD, that I played I skipped to the next song within few seconds. Wondering what is the taste of the person who compiled all these songs. My next angry was towards those musicians. The songs had uninspiring music that I feel the awards offered should be taken back!

I tried playing spiritual songs - it didnt inspire. Then played Goa music - after 5 times of listening, nothing was new.

Once my friend suggested that the best thing to do is collect the favorites songs into the computer and write it into a new CD. That seems to be the right suggestion!

However, today I listened to songs from Bharathi - what a music and Bharathiyar's lyrics

நிற்பதுவே நடப்பதுவே by Harish Raghavendra

கேளடா மானிடவா by Rajkumar Bharathi  (he is great grandson of Bharathiyar). I could not get the online video version of it.

Very inspiring music by Illayaraja.  I would like to translate these songs in English and publish my version sometime.

And the best thing to do is to sing on your own - your version, your tune, your modulations, your lyrics - who cares; who can listen amidst the honks :-) ?

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