Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Slum Free Bangalore

Our area - JP Nagar 2nd Phase - woke up to witness some action in the vacant land opposite to slum area.

BDA started demolishment of illegal constructions among the weeds. Bull dozers along with police protection were seen in action. I thought even the Swacha Bangalore also was demolished. But not!  A young policeman confirmed its demolishment of illegal constructions. I am reminded of the 2005 action when police and BDA came to demolish the slum area.

Today's demolishment and clearing the vacant land could be a lead for new establishments. This land was also used for Diwali cracker sales apart from being a open toilet and ground for burning waste. Sometime back, some officials said a library and a park was planned for this area. I wish an artificial lake comes here.

My friend says the slum people have won the case in Supreme Court having lived for 30 years. Along with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's organization, the government is planning to construct apartment, a school and multi storey complex for the benefit of slum people. More updates on this sooner.

A couple of days back newspapers also carried the news that by 2013 Bangalore will be slum free. Will the present Govt be there that time to complete it? What was initiated in 2005 (apartments for 2005) is still not executed.

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