Saturday, October 31, 2009

A brief road incident

Yesterday, I was to about slow down my car when a scotter overtook and paused before me. There was just few inches between us. I honked and alerted the scotter guys. The one sitting back mimicked a road rage. I took the car close to him and told the rider ' If I have not controlled my slowing movement, I would have probably hit him'. His friend still wanted to show some aggressiveness and screamed 'yeah we know'. I still maintained my cool and said 'Now you are able talk. You could not have done, if you were dead'. He then said 'sorry'.

That was end of the story.

Next time, I would tell such guys 'I also were like you in your age. But I wanted to tell you I have lost some friends who had craze for thrill and speed'. Lets see if they would change.

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