Tuesday, October 13, 2009

அமுதே தமிழே

I am listening to one song in the car repeatedly, repeatedly அமுதே தமிழே, அழகிய மொழியே, எனதுயிரே. This is a beautiful song from a movie called கோயில் புறா.

After listening to the song, I am so touched and my heart melted at the music, voice, lyrics and there is a divinity in that song. I tried singing the line "சுகம் பல தரும் தமிழ்  பா";

It took so much time for me to memorize this simple line. And another line "என் கனவும் நினைவும் இசையே இசையிருந்தால் மரணமேது". What  a confident singing!  This song is a great praise of the Tamil language. I mentioned about the divinity. There is a great devotion in the singing. The lyrics and music complement so well. You need not be a 'music scientist' to appreciate this song, but this song will simply mesmirize you. 

From the various websites, I understand the ragaa of this song is ரசிக ரஞ்சனி (What a name!)

I searched for more information about this song; so, I provide more references here.

Singer Chinmayee's blog talks about this song


There are two other songs in which he has deleted both Ni and Ma in chakravaagam. I don't think that such a raga exists in carnatic music with any known name. Those two songs are "amudhae thamizhae" (kovil pura), and "nila kuyilae" (magudi). They are simply excellent. One should be an artist and play those songs to know their quality. Amudhae thamizhae starts like Sa Ri Ga,Sa Ri Ga, Sa Ri Ga Pa Ga Ri Sa, Sa Ri Sa Da Sa...Pulamai Pithan's lyrics glorified that song. In the charanam he says, if you listen to and speak Thamizh, " Oon mezhugai urugum, athil ulagam karainthu pogum", such is the beauty of this language! One cannot write any better,about the greatness of Thamizh language.  


Film - Koyil pura

Song - Amuthey tamizhey

Singers - P. Suseela &  Uma Ramanan

Music - Ilayaraja 

அமுதே  தமிழே  அழகிய  மொழியே  எனதுயிரே 

சுகம்  பல  தரும்  தமிழ்ப்  பா 

சுவையோடு  கவிதைகள்  தா 

தமிழே  நாளும்  நீ  பாடு 

தேனூறும்  தேவாரம்  இசைப்  பாட்டின்  ஆதாரம் 

தமிழிசையே  தனியிசையே  தரணியிலே  முதலிசையே 

ஊன்  மெழுகாய்  உருகும்  கரையும்  அதில்  உலகம்  மறந்து  போகும் 

பூங்குயிலே என்னோடு  தமிழே  நாளும்  நீ  பாடு 

பொன்னல்ல பூவல்ல பொருளல்ல செல்வங்கள் 

கலைபலவும்  பயிலவரும்  அறிவுவளம்  பெருமை  தரும் 

என்  கனவும்  நினைவும்  இசையே  இசையிருந்தால்  மரணமேது 

என்  மனதில்  தேன்  பாய  தமிழே  நாளும்  நீ  பாடு 

Tamil friends, please listen to this song, share this with your family and friends, teach this song to your kids and those who want to improve their tamil pronounciation.

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