Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lost Relationships

Relationships - good or bad - take its own path. Even when we try to handle it bad or better, things may happen the otherway. Its like a roadway discipline. Even if you follow traffic rules, if the other person does not follow, the disaster happens. A friend, was in a good relationship with his girlfriend that was broken later. He was going through the pain of last relationship probably which made him focus on spend more hours at work, or focus towards social services, to keep himself diverted. He said the relationship terminated on mutual agreement. But the wet eyes said

it was a lie! He had been to several adventurous trekking ventures in the past and recent. I recalled the same and explained in him: the way he was able to allow himself to go through the pain and fun part of trekking - getting wet, dirty, sucked by leeches, surrounded by moist greeneries, beautiful weather - it was a wholesome experience. Life is like that. If one does not allow himself to go through such experiences, he does not really grow. Only one area of brain develops or does not develop. We are scratching only one surface of the life ignoring the other. Another friend worried about project change. I told him that even during our LKG till College, we always wept over change and losing the close contacts. We have moved past. In a train journey, we stop at every station and we move past towards the next. Its the destination, but the train journey is the experience that we allow ourselves go through. Actor Kamal Hassan recently commented "Most of the marriages fail, so marriages are not necessary". A friend commented "Most of the movies fail, will they stop making movies?". Let us rise above. Some wants rain and the other does not want. Certainly God does not play dice. Everything happens for a reason. And lets take responsibility(read control), no matter what!

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