Monday, October 19, 2009

Unfair Criticisms

This article is dedicated to someone close to me.

Every day is not the same day. Most of the days are just average. Some days are great. Some days are 'bad days' because someone is screwing up our lives. One common thing that puts most of us is 'Unfair Criticisms'.

First thing is do not react but respond. Let it reach your brain and be there and not reach further to your heart. That gives you control to respond than react.  When you react to someone, you are actually vulnerable! When you respond, you are certainly in control.

I recall Buddha's story where someone abuses him verbally with offending words. Buddha said something like 'If I dont accept a gift, it does not belong to me. Same way, I dont accept you words, so you take it back'.  Getting the message?  Buddha responded.

Second thing is analyze the situation.  It is possible that the other person has misunderstood. If there is an opportunity to clarify, please do so.

Third thing is IgnoreTraffic on the road puts people on rage and they accuse whoever they see the next person. We all are part of the traffic, we together created the traffic, but one passerby will raise his fingers against us expressing his rage.  If we also shout, we lose our peace of mind and spoil our day. Helpless people, powerless people do so - just ignore.

Last thing - probably - an important one. Does the situation make you strong or weak?  Do you beat yourself because someone hurted you? Or Did you keep yourself in control exercising all your wisdom, your learnings, being an exemplary, role model for others. Its a wonderful situation to pass through. If there are waves, learn to sail through them - do not drown.  The plants that stand the strong winds grow to be trees; the rest fall.

So, my friend, unfair criticisms make us strong!

Now think of the troubling situation - are you still going red on the situation?  Re-read it my friend.

And I forgot to tell you, I love the phrase "This too shall pass".  Its a wonderful phase I am pondering over for the past two days. Will write blog on this very soon.

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