Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nayeem & Hot Tea

A short story outline

During my college days, I met a postman Nayeem who came from a poor family. I wanted to help him with his career. He was aspiring for clerical role, so he expressed that he wanted support for his clerical exams. I agreed but for a monthly fee of Rs.25 so that there would be a commitment from both the sides. The tuition happened in his house which is too small. He, his wife and a 3 year old baby girl. The highlight of every day session was the strong tea which was served in a small ever-silver tumbler. After the hot strong tea, I used to sweat. Nayeem was thin and tall and had a very long face. Nayeem was too weak

in the arithmetics that I used to goto basics sometimes. Nayeem passed his exams and also gave sweets. After several years, I am meeting two guys in my liife - one person is a telephone service guy in a MNC and another is a watchman. My soft attitude towards Nayeem is reflected on these two guys also. Both are poor, can-speak-Tamil. Another thing that reminds me of Nayeem is the strong tea served in short tumblers in Darshinis. When I visit my native next time, I look forward to meet Nayeem.

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