Saturday, October 17, 2009

Life on Batteries

Yesterday was a unique day for me with the batteries going dead.

Car Battery: I gave a car pooling to two of my colleagues. After dropping them, looks like one of the doors were not closed properly. After 6-7 hours, I came down to start my car only to learn that the car battery was dead. I got a local support and got the car started with a message "Donot stop it at signals".  It did stop in two points and I was able to start. But I sure reached home safely. After switching off the engine and I just tested if it would start. It didnt. After several hours of research, I realize its time to replace the battery.

Intercom Battery:  As I reached the car parking, I noticed some repair work was going inside the electrical room. The security said the intercom

UPS had gone bad due to the recent power trip in our apartment transformer.

Laptop Battery:  The Laptop battery would not last for more especially in wireless mode. I was working in the evening at home with a "Do not disturb" status in the IM. The power turned villain. There was a load shedding in our area, especially on the eve of Diwali. At the brink of completing the work, the battery went down and the laptop shutdown.

Mobile Battery: Right from the beginning of the day, my mobile battery was inching down. I was worried that it may go zero anytime. Fortunately, the power came for me to recharge.

Mind-Body Battery:  It was a hectic day for me and I was tired physically and mentally. The crackers smoke also was causing tiredness. Beyond a point, I could not stay and went to sleep along with my kid. But still Diya wanted a Dora story. I had a very deep sleep that I woke up at 8 am for Diwali.

For sure, life is on batteries.

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