Saturday, October 10, 2009

Inspiring officer Manivannan, IAS

Mr.Manivannan IAS is one of the sincere officers in the Karnataka administration. The Mudhalvan movie reminded me of him.

I guess it was 2003 or so when I have interacted with him. He was then private secy of the CM SM Krishna. The infamous Bannerghatta Road was more worse those days. There used to be a lot of cattle on the road blocking the traffic and there was not any concrete bus stand for the public convenience. I had written to the CM's email id This complaint was directly addressed by Mr.Manivannan. He called me on my mobile and gave his direct number. He also asked me to call him if there were any other issues. He would have conversed 3 or  5 times to keep me posted on the issue. Referring to his Tamil name, I asked him where he was from. He said "Madurai".

After a couple of years, I was interacting with my colleague, also a close friend of our family. She narratted a story where in she met with an accident when she was in the bike. She fell unconscious and bleeding. Mr.Manivannan who passed on that road, stopped his car, took her to a hospital and admitted her. He also had left his business card to the Hospital authorities to give to her when she was awake.

I am very proud that I have interacted with such a great administrator. He is regarded the most sought administrator in Karnataka.

Interested to know more about this personality? Read this Times of India interview.


  1. yes it seems that he is an ideal not only to all IAS officers to all indians, any way lets see what he makes difference at BESCOM.

    sir you are well come to BESCOM

  2. Dear Venugopal,

    Thanks for your nice words. I think all of us are both good and bad, ideal and non-ideal. Its the circumstance which brings the good or bad in us. Or am i wrong?!
    In BESCOM, we are trying to make it more transparent, participative and Professional. It will take time. But, yes, by 2012 January, you will have a BESCOM which will be liked by all consumers.