Tuesday, October 6, 2009


It came as a pleasant surprise to come across this website burrp!   Information and reviews on Restaurants, Movies, Shopping etc. for all the major cities. I searched for Bangalore restaurants. Koramangala alone has 139 restaurants! The categorization is so amazing the website is sticky!  The website is very much updated and a lot of users have given similar reviews. I have once been to Hotel Malgudi with my team on the HSR Layout. I was planning to take my family there. But all branches of Malgudi have received negative feedback. This website will certainly be a good guide for time pass. I have not checked on the other categories like city events, shopping etc.

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  1. Ganesh, thank you so much for such uplifting words about burrp.com. We love it when users find utility out of burrp.com, but we love it even more when they can give us a few tips on how to make the service better. Please do not hesitate to let us know how we can be EVEN BETTER. Drop us some feedback to feedback@burrp.com.

    Keep writing. Your blog is good reading :)