Monday, October 19, 2009

3 Day Diwali Weekend

It was the last slot of long weekend holidays of the year. Diwali!   During my childhood days, Diwali days were very active. My dad used to set the crackers around 4 am in the morning. After getting ready, I, my sister Girija, and my dad used to go for a long walk watching how people burst crackers. That was in Bhavani, Erode Dt. We used to buy all the 'Diwali malars'  especially Vikatan Diwali malars.

As I grew, the 'Green' conscious bit me and I never encourage crackers in any form. But being a dad for an adamant kid is not easy - my kid has a peer-pressure to burn crackers; she gets some sparkling ones and my parents help her with it.

The Diwali special programmes on Tv

have become very common and nothing special. I went to my Raakhi sister's house and spent good time with her family.

Sunday morning was very boring without newspapers.  I could get my car battery replaced. My wife won the 2nd prize for Rangoli competition. Late evening, we had an apartment dinner party which was very fun-filled and good networking.

Today morning, went to Landmark, bought some good books like 2 States by Chetan Bhagat, Tribes by Seth Godin, Code Name God, and A New Earth.

I also want to mention that I have an online books catalog: 

I activated my Mobile-Bluetooth headset usage. I want to make myself and my home more geeky with useful gadgets - so doing some research on it. My search for a bookshelf idea still haunts me.

I also updated my Twitter account so as to post my Tweets (what's a Tweet?) from my mobile.  In India, only Airtel supports it. (How Airtel supports Twitter?)

Another surprise is Discovery Channel has now Tamil feed. I wish all the useful channels do so.

Long time back, I had bought two dumbbells for exercise purpose. Its time to put them to good use (no, not to the second shop:-) ) . There are a lot of good YouTube videos on how to do workouts with dumbbells. Please checkout. I will post my results in a future blog.

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