Saturday, October 3, 2009

Meeting with JP Nagar corporators

Today I and Leela maami got an appointment to meet Jayanagar MLA Mr.BN Vijayakumar to escalate various civic issues that are being attended to only on repeated followups and in several cases there are no actions.

I guess the problem is empowerment or lack of it.  MLA did not turn up but we managed to meet his subordinates. One of them is Mr.GV Chinnagiriyappa ( BJP General Secretary, Jayanagar Assembly Constituency). His responses were typically political: (i) "What can we do if public litter the places" (ii) "Only corporation commissioner is all powerful, talk to him" (iii) "We cannot be too strict with our corporation engineers. Already 3 engineers have quit". (iv) For encroachment related issues, go to police

I am stunned. Is it MLA reporting to corporation commissioner or the Chief Minister?

We carried all the photo evidences with us and talked about all the problems. Mr. GV Chinnagiriyappa called in sequence all the responsible corporators of our area and asked them to immediately take action.

Further Mr.Krishnakumar, the JP Nagar corporation authority was waiting near Diwakars Hospital. We took him and his colleagues in our car and took a tour of JP Nagar and showed all the places where corporation's attention is needed. Like his bosses, he also carried some excuses. At the end of the trip, he promised action before Monday.

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  1. Hi, I wanted to know how to contact the JP Nagar corporator or counsellor. I need to raise an issue about the folks who collect the dust bin ..they are very irregular in our cross and expect extra money.