Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Safer Neighborhood

Its everybody's responsibility to make our neighbourhood a safer one.

Opposite to my apartment, on a street corner, borewell has been dug but not covered.  This was dug almost 4 months back with the dust and smoke spreading all over. Even after so many days of digging, the borewell remained at the road surface level. Our road is slopy, and whoever walks on this flooding road will fall into this pit. I gave the Asst Engg Mr.Krishnakumar yesterday as a deadline. As it was not completed,

today I left him a reminder message. My family updated me in the late evening, they saw someone working to cover it.

Second instance was when I saw a lorry carrying two huge rocky stones on the Bannerghatta Road. The stones were not flat, not supported and were slightly moving on either side to the lorry's movement. My car and another colleague's car were close to it. It was scary to follow. After reaching office, the first thing I did was to call up 100 from my mobile (I just learnt today that I can call 3 digit emergency numbers from mobile) and the police attended to my call. I gave all the details except the registration number as the number plate was covered with mud and dust.

We see 2 wheelers carrying rods in a unsafe manner, lorries carrying long iron rods, open lorries carrying debris, garbage collection vans spreading the dumps (and disease) all over.

This blog entry is ready to create an awareness that its everybody's responsibility to bring every such issues to the authorities notice.

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