Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Why This Blog?

Every day, the news daily is not without a coverage on child abuse.  As someone said, ‘every time a child is abused, we add it to the stat’. 
I happened to pick a book titled “Bitter Chocolate” by  . Its such a “bitter” book that it is full of stories but the same time guidance on what we can do about it.  Honestly, the stories were very disturbing and I could not read them. I skimmed through the pages only to read the information part.
But, reading this book became a threshold for me – it sounded to be a biggest problem to be addressed. Somewhere in the comforts of our society, we have not put checks and balance to prevent this crime.
The person who does this crime is a psycho and makes the victim physically and psychologically wounded finally. Normal looking people, trusted people do this to their dear ones; its like the fence grazing the grass. The fences are failing and we need to mend them. Failing Fences is a blog as a result, focusing on what needs to be done to mend these fences; how do we address the society’s curse?
This is going to be my focus and will blog and certainly do something about it.

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