Sunday, July 29, 2012

Teachers' Behavior Impact Children

Today morning, there was a news (link) in the media where a Hindi teacher insisted the girls sit on his lap. The brave girl students have complained to the parents and the teacher is now absconding as the police is in search of him.

Here is what the child psychologist and counsellor Swarnalatha Iyer recommend -
Many a time child wouldn't know if what's happening to her is good or bad. Such behaviour by a teacher can leave a negative impact on child's mind. Also, there's a chance that a child would grow up thinking there is nothing wrong if a teacher behaves like this and may learn something which is not appropriate for the society. Parents play an important role in teaching a child about a good touch and a bad touch. Child should be told that only parents can touch her body, no one else.

Teachers are the architects of the society. Their behaviours impact the society multitude!

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