Friday, July 6, 2012

Treasures to leave behind

I was talking to some friend and discussion centered around what we leave behind as treasures for our children. I was able to quickly list the first three, as I have been inspired the words of Jim Rohn (visit this link)

  • Journals: Our writings, our recordings, perceptions, on everything that we could record.

  • Pictures: Kids grow and there are several special moments every day. Click a lot of pictures. It will a good idea to develop the pictures too, instead of just leaving them behind as digital content.

  • Books: Needless to say, build a library for your children. Also, make them familiarize with the great authors of our time.

 I went on to add the following:

  • Music and Movies: Kids anyway, get exposed to every day filmy music. But they eventually miss the music by legends, and also good world music. How many of the kids know the richness of our Indian music? And how many know the world music, beyond the pop and MTV hits? World Cinema is another. There are several great world cinema - introduce them to good ones and talk about the ‘behind the scenes’ information about these movies. My friend Paramesh introduced me to this new age music called

  • Travel: I just do not mean a family picnic; I also meant anything you would ‘go, see and experience’. I have been reading off and on Evolve Your Brain by Dr. Joe Dispenza. His message is our brain goes through neurological changes under two circumstances: (a) when we learn some thing new (b) when we undergo some new experience.

  • Right People: The teens believe their Facebook friends count makes them popular. Its our responsibilities to connect with them good mentors, well wishers, and also Mr.Clean leaders for them to follow.

Please comment, if there is a "treasure" to leave behind!

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