Sunday, July 8, 2012

Underachieving India

India is probably reaching a threshold. Ask any children to talk on "What he or she would if be comes a one-day Prime Minister"?  (Note:  the question is not "what if you become Prime Minister one day..").   

Every child will talk about every issue that is of concern. All the topics have become a subject of mockery and everyone talks about it. If anyone believes India is progressing, its out of pure luck and some good policies here and there. I often wonder why do all the retied people crowd the Nation's corridors and impede the growth of a beautiful nation?

  • Corruption - Something we have "taken" for granted

  • Economy - we pay more than what we earn

  • Infrastructure - Malls cannot be the only growth signs.  Why do many in village still travel on camels and buffaloes?

  • Education - Is knowledge affordable?

  • Energy - Are we tapping all the right resources?

  • Lives - It was disheartening to read farmers suicide in India on one side and innocent people getting killed in flash floods another side.  Drought and Floods - two sides of the same coin.  What stops us from linking the rivers?  Read yourself to the alarming stats on how many farmers commit suicide in India.

  • Nasty politics - As of writing this, Karnataka gets its 3rd CM in 4 years of BJP rule.  What a dirty politics by people like Yeddiyurappa to place his own men on power corridor!  We also saw the drama of choosing the President.  We also know how "silent" our Prime Minister despite all.

Its timely the world recognizes it all and TIME's Asia Edition has a cover story on our Prime Minister. I am waiting for Wiki Leaks to list publicly the Swiss bank account holders from India.

And I picked Edward Luce's "Inspite of the Gods" from Just Books last week. Fascinating reading.

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