Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Girls need protection in public places

Here is an another story of molestation to a young tailor - a girl working in a garment factory.  She wast not just molested but also thrown out of the train. She managed to stay alive with some severe injuries but is our law strong enough to prevent such incidents recurring. The culprits have been identified; but they may be let of few hundreds and thousands after several days of dragging the case. If there are enough evidences, they should be put under rigorous punishment serving as a lesson for others.

Here is the narration from the victim -
I am a tailor at the Hinduja Garments factory in Bangalore. I was going to my home town, Mysore. When the train was approaching Maddur station, four youths began teasing me and sexually harassing me. They passed lewd remarks and tried to molest me. When I protested and threatened that I would inform police about their misbehaviour, they pushed me out of the moving train. I fell on the rocky ground and lost consciousness. When I regained my consciousness, I was under medical care. I was in acute pain and there was blood all over my body.

Read more on TOI page:

Also, the railways should ensure adequate police force travelling to protect the passengers in train. Not just police, even medical emergency system also should be available. I recall the TV newsreader and actor Varadharajan submitted a request to the then President Dr.APJ highlighting the need for medical emergency in trains when his family member had an emergency during travel.

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