Friday, July 13, 2012

(Why) Do men cry?

Do men cry?  My uncle did.  My aged called my dad and I spoke to him. He is hearing my voice after a long time. He started weeping uncontrollably. I brought him back by saying "If you want to hear my voice, I can sing a song for you"; he went on saying "he is affected by nervous problems, and coping with various other old age issues; and that he is turning 61".


Emotions is what something that make us human. I don't think Hitler would have wept after killing people.

I recall several incidents where I have seen grown up (men) crying. Among the celebrities, Yuvraj Singh, Vinod Kambli, and Sreesanth crying.  I was surprised to read that even Dhoni wept after the World Cup win (read here)

When we bring up boys, its very common for parents to tell the crying boys "dont cry like girls". May be we should reframe our words into something else.  Crying is okay. Crying certainly has a purpose.

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