Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fading bills

Fading bill

You bought items a couple of months back and also were issued bills.  You preserved it. You thought it you can use it as a reference some time in future.  Pull out any of your old bills, and like a magic you may probably see a blank paper.

The issue with thermal printing in several counters, petrol bunks, electronics purchase and all that we buy - they fade. I often wonder what is the point in taking our signature on the slip for credit card purchases; only our sign would remain and rest of the slip is just a faded one.

The very purpose of a bill is an acknowledgement that we purchased an item through a legal transaction.  Its the right of the consumer to have a valid bill throughout. A bill is supposed to be reproduced as a legal reference when in need.

But for the past few years, all the shops big and small issue bills whose content would fade soon.

I first spoken about this issue to the Croma electronics shop people two years back. Later they introduced a concept of emailing the receipt to our email at the time of billing.  This e-bill serve as an evidence.

I do not know who active is our consumer forums on this issue. But I thought a consumer this is what can be done -

a) Decide the bill is significant or not.

b) If the product is costly and the bill is significant, scan a copy of it and archive it.

c) If you own a PSC (Print, Scanner, Copier),  you may want to keep a xerox copy of it.

d) You may also want to maintain a register of transactions - Product Name, Bill No, Vendor Name, Location and Date.  (If this can be made in an excel, you can also analyze your expense trend.)

e) Where possible, see if you also can expect an ebill.

Any better thoughts, let us know.

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