Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Spare some lung space in Bangalore

Everone knows how bad Bangalore is swelling with traffic, record breaking apartments, and several concrete buildings within the city. The only lungspace I know of is Lalbagh; but often there are often news that come and go that part of Lalbagh will be taken for expanding the roads.

Bannerghatta Road is known for its overflowing traffic and drainages always under construction. Of several junctions, GD Mara bus stop junction(Mandovi Motors) is a connector to different parts of the city.  Just behind the stop, there was a slum; which is now being eaten up a upcoming 7 star Taj Hotel.

Why dont the businessmen, corporators think before they would plan something of a big structure at a congested junction like GD Mara.

Its time to approve such projects only outside the city.

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