Thursday, July 12, 2012

Begging questions

Known fact that poverty and unemployment breeds beggars.

But, what it takes to be a beggar? What does she think day long?  Is she a beggar throughout her life? We have seen young beggars, and old beggars. Has this city grown in front of their eyes?  What transport means to them - may be they travel a lot in trains, but I am certain I do not see them any more in buses.  At Temples and Traffic signals, do they need to use their persuasion techniques to get their daily bread.  Are they someone who transcended ego? Are they someone who does not have a need to feel special?  Are they someone who transcended time?  What do they fear and what do they pray?  In the eyes of society, when do they have actually gone bad?  What if they do not get their food at all for the day - steal, rob, take advantage of something?  What is their future - through their own eyes?  What do they dream?  What do they think day along? What my ten rupees mean to her - a hundred?

Is that we all are blessed? 

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