Monday, July 9, 2012

Turn your laptop into an educational kit

Many of us do not have an IPad;  But I would like to assure, Google Chrome's appstore is something that will give you the IPad experience (of course, except for the touch screen).

Here I explain, how you can leverage Google Chrome's app store as an educational kit.

1. Install Google Chrome from this link.

2. Once you finish installing the Google Chrome browser,  visit this link .  You may be asked to login with your Gmail account.  (See the tip mentioned below). You are taken to the Chrome Store.

3. Now goto any category and select your apps.  Since its for your kids, you may want to select Education category.  If you like an app, click the button, "Add to Chrome"

4. In order to access these apps, click on New Tab or Ctrl-T  and you will see a similar arrangement.

Step 2.  Chrome Store

You may want to take a note of the following tips:

  • To have all these apps, you need to have Google Chrome.

  • You may want to have an exclusive Gmail account for this purpose.  You can leave this Gmail account signed in, so that anybody in your home can use it.  (You can simultaneously use your personal Gmail account in other browsers like Firefox, IE.  Recently I installed Opera in my Netbook, its lightning fast!)

  • Step 4. Chrome Apps added by you

  • As with any apps, please ensure appropriate parental control.

Happy Learning !

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  1. Thanks Thalaiva - this looks very promising - i will try it out