Monday, July 30, 2012

Know your history through

Most of us have seen the History Channel in our cable channels and probably dismissed it in treating along with Discovery and National Geographic genre.

I came across, the online edition of the channel and its a wonderful resource!

Especially, this day in history page lists and details what happened on this day on different years. Here is what I thought various ways to leverage this resource:

a) What Happened On Your Birthday:  Click on the link "What Happened on Your Birthday" and learn how 'special' you are!

b) Here is an idea to make others feel special. You may also want to use the Birthday feature to compile the list of events happened on somebody's birthday or anniversary. May be offline, we can create a personal greetings card / write a note highlighting these events.

c) Remembering somebody's birthday!  We can mentally link somebody's birthdate and the events, so that its easy to remember.

d) Talk to your children about these events on everyday basis.

e) Peek in advance for a week or a month and compile the list of events and look forward the date. Plan some activity based on that event in the weekends. For example, if you are a teacher, learn in advance what happened in August; every week talk about how Independence Day was declared, or  Anne Frank was captured or Death of Genghis Khan.

f) If you are like me, blog about the events!

History text books are so dry since our days and its time that we kindle and rekindle the interests in history through one such resource!

Please share your thoughts.


  1. I like History channel for its unique take on many events esp.about the alien and UFO stuffs ;)
    and I had to agree with you on History books though ...

  2. Thanks Uma. I came across several other sites that talk about "what happened this day" theme. But not too many sites there on Indian history.