Friday, April 2, 2010

Readers Dont Digest Always

Even in this advanced, modern, hi-fi, wi-fi technology world, traditional way of sending promotional letters through post still continue.

Every bank company stuffs some brochure full of online shopping details and offers. The letters come in glossy papers and of very high quality. Do the banks realize that trees have to be cut for those papers and those papers finally go as a garbage for no use.

I had once subscribed India Today magazine. This magazine has sold my address to Readers Digest and Time Magazine. Readers Digest, in turn keeps sending "Readers Digest SweepTakes" offer. They say every year, I am one of the 'potential winner' for the offer who can win upto Rs.26 Lakhs. The faulty computer software always picks my name even if I am not the subscriber.

Like a seasoned effort, every year I get a bunch of promotional letters from Readers Digest.  2 days back I got one. I did not take any action. Today I got another bunch with so many details, certificate formats, flyers, envelopes.  Man, you are killing trees.

Is this reliable? Check for yourself. Readers Digest Website Winners Page

Is this reliable? I checked online, if I am the lonely soul.  I checked again. Visit Consumer Complaints website

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