Sunday, April 25, 2010

JP Nagar's engineers

The new councilors for Bangalore are yet to get in to action. When they start working, they should ensure that the departments talk to each other.

BWSSB has de-silted the drainages in JP Nagar on saturday and they have dumped the silt on the road. After 24 hours (today morning), I called the assistant executive Mr.Mohan. He said it should have been cleared by the health department. And inspite of Mr.Mohan's repeated calls (he said 10 times), health department had not taken action. But on saturdays, nobody works beyond noon or so, and the work could be taken up only by Monday. The workers also need to go where MLA's men find actions.  Today's rain washed away some silt.

Another instance is 9th Main, JP Nagar 2nd Phase has 3 pits dug by the BESCOM. This was dug 3 weeks back. For the first two weeks, BESCOM maintained that it was not dug by them. Now they take their own time to complete some wiring work before they could close it. God, its raining heavily every alternative days - should not this be taken up with high priority?

Yet another instance, the garbage collectors and ragpickers have a liking to burn the garbages near the transformers. The tall fire can easily eat into the space of transformer's feet and can lead to disasters. But nobody bothers. When I told about this to a senior BESCOM engineer, he asked me to write 'a cover story' to Times of India?

Is the corporation reporting to Times of India?

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