Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cinema: The fascinating technology

Between Cinema and Internet, I choose Cinema as the most fascinating technology. Like books, music, sports, food, the cinema also has become an integral part of our lives. Making cinema is like playing god. Some one tells the story you love, someone shows the world you would like to see, something your never thought of, never seen, never felt. From street plays, dramas, cinema has evolved exponentially. And thats why its a dream factory.

There is no limit to what innovation it can have. The multi dimensional cinema industry spawned several other industries and also artists. Sometimes we see an artist who has nothing to do with cinema, as an alien - we wonder how does he make money then?

Yesterday, it was heartening to read about "Angaadi Theru" (அங்காடி தெரு) which is a movie on the workers working in malls and shops. The reviews are very similar and positive. Did you notice that these days there is no old guy who makes movies; most of them are youth.  The youth are the right choice to make the movies because they blend technology and their dreams frame by frame. But some fall into trap of hero specific characters and make masala stories which is unfortunate but sooner they realize the success is short lived. When we watched Shankar's Gentleman, Indian, Mudhalvan and Anniyan, the impact it had in me was very deep.

I wish that I be part of the cinema industry and do something about it.

The producer of the movie "Angaadi Theru", Arun Paandiyan was mentioning in an interview today, after the movie, some shops in Coimbatore have sent back the workers home. Is nt a positive impact on the society?  Its a debut movie for the director and most of the artists.

I strongly believe movies can create new religion, new cult, new culture, new trends, and a new world. If directors could do that, heaven will be on earth.

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