Monday, April 19, 2010

How I handled Yelling!

Last night, there was a guy known to me who screamed over phone losing his temper "You are a fool. You are an idiot". I repeated it until he decided to bang the phone down.

I did not tell my family as they were sleeping. I was literally undisturbed. Thanks to the Optimist Club Creed,

my focus was literally on the solution part. I had 3 choices.

a) To ignore him

b) To write a letter to him that I want to bury the differences

c) Walk into his house to tell that I am not angry at him.

It turned out that yesterday was his wedding anniversary. When I called him, he was taking bath. I wished his wife my message - part (b) and their anniversary wishes. Evening I sent out him a letter.

Dear friend,
It’s a coincidence I called you on your wedding anniversary.  Belated wedding anniversary wishes to you and your wife.
Friend, I am not going to talk anything about what happened yesterday.  I am under the influence of certain principles which I am practicing in my life.  I have attached the same with this letter.  That’s one of the reasons  I did not react to yesterday’s incident. I am only responding to you.
I called your home this morning to tell that I hold no negative grudges against you and that we can resolve this if we speak out.  I thought that would lift your day’s spirit – being a first day of the week.
Our kids play together – so, they will certainly learn from what the elders do. 
I have nothing much to say.  Lets bury the differences.  Lets revive our good old relationship.
Invite me for a coffee this weekend, we will have a friendly chat.

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