Friday, April 2, 2010

A Double Prank

Yesterday, one of my friends said a leading Kannada magazine was playing prank for April 1st that the vote boxes of the recent BBMP polls have gone bad due to some leakage and that this could lead to re-election. But at the bottom of the message, they had mentioned that its the April fool treat for the readers.

Dinakaran,  supposed to be one of the No.1 Tamil daily - as they always claim - as published the 'leakage' news as a news, but not as a prank. My dad who was not aware of this background said that there could be a re-election. I was unmoved, and suggested that the prank could be the background.

I noticed that Dinakaran publishes translated version of what appears in Times of India's previous day edition. This time, it has published Kannada daily's prank news.

Let me wait and see tomorrow, what story they have to say!

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