Saturday, April 24, 2010

Census India

Today, I had a surprise visitor, a school teacher visiting us for census details. She collected our family details, and other details like whether we have vehicles, radio, tv, no. of rooms, sanitary conditions at home, etc.

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This is what the census volunteer shared, and my perspective -

  • Teachers are engaged because they are sincere  The teacher is made to carry huge documents, will not it be tiring doing the whole day? Cannot this be exercised through internet and collecting details/

  • They do not get their summer vacation  I donot understand this logic. Why engage school teachers in such manual activities? Why do you do this in summer?

  • Its a central govt initiative, they know they will get salary after the whole exercise is complete May be the teachers do this to get that 'extra' income. Let they be recognized for being part of such a huge initiative.

  • They have to visit each and every house To me it is not appropriate to make an individual visit each and every house like this.

  • If a family is not available, neighbours have to provide the details

  • If neighbours cannot provide, atleast the apartment security has to provide

My dad also said, there will be another supervisor who checks atleast 20% of the data is correct or not.

We are living in internet world. I hope atleast by next cycle, home-to-home practice is eliminated. 

At the end, she also provided an acknowledgment who has to be produced for a photo id card planned somewhere in 2011 beginning.

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