Sunday, March 28, 2010

Who needs Airtel's IPhone 3GS?

False excitement is in the air(tel) as Airtel launches iPhone 3GS in India.  The ad says "The fastest, most powerful iPhone yet". 

Apple launched (see link) iPhone 3GS last year - almost 9 months back. 

And Apple is already working on iphone 4G (2010 release) and 5G (2011 release).

But Airtel is trying to sell very late and also highly priced.

We have other poor cousins Maxx Moblie, Lava,.... Today I checked on Univercell website: 5MP camera mobile from Maxx costs only 5.5K.  However iPhone 3GS has only 3MP and highly priced (35K...).

If you are really serious about getting 3GS, ask your NRI friend to help you.

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