Monday, March 29, 2010

We cant get enough of Goundamani

For some reason, Tamil Cinema's one of the best comedians Goundamani has not been recognized well by our governments. Its the same set of heroes and heroines that were winning Filmfare and National awards those days.  Nothing can match his dialgoue delivery, body language, his slang, and punch. He was very 'loud', and he made us laugh, and he makes us laugh even now.

I dont think comedians go through film institute trainings. Goundamani also challenged false beliefs and attacked everyone equally.

Recently he was in the news for a surgery or so; but he is back home hale and healthy. Our friends gang were talking about him today and recalling his various movie dialogues and scenes. A sample scene is here.  In this scene he as a barber wins 15 lakhs rupees and his body language completely changes. The shaving kit on which his family runs is thrown to the river as its rendered useless for the new millionaire. He plans to  buy the road, town, and have AC house and so on. Then his wife gives the ultimate shock that the lottery ticket is kept in the shaving kit. A six minute sequence but timeless comedy. Hope you would enjoy!

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