Monday, March 29, 2010

Election Flaws

It seems there was less than 48% of the public voted this time in the BBMP Elections (see link). There could be a plenty of reasons:

  • People lost trust in the politics and politicians

  • They do not know who is their candidate

  • They do not know who is their right candidate

  • Voters names are not listed and they returned empty handed. 

  • Last time voters who did not find their names, would not have returned this time

  • This is summer vacation - Most of the schools are closed and already several families are out of station

  • This is summer time - People do not bother to stand in the queue

  • None of the candidates are familiar to the localites

  • Most of the candidates are uneducated and they promised heaven even without knowing what is implementable and what is not

  • Anger that nothing (good) has been done to their area

  • People travelling to other places and abroad cannot vote

  • And just laziness and irresponsible attitude towards society - what else it could be?

I have a valid voter id issued in 2005. I had to walk to three different stalls to get the 'slip' and 'reference id'. Nobody knew which school was their polling booth. My photo was not in their list even though its 'computerized'.

Think of a well organized IPL (by the way, I am not against IPL - its a current trend; and its always easy to relate both good and bad) that has so many composite teams, various venues, TV - youtube telecast and sponsorship and above all 'team ownership'.  Every fan find his way either to watch the match in person and or on internet or his TV.  

The BBMP polls were delayed were for long. We had enough time to update the list. 

Most of the Bangalore residents have mobile connections, bank accounts, cars, and  a DTH connection. All these connections went through a systemic procedure and the public felt the need for it. On the other side, nobody mandated an electoral card.  

If only we had brought penalty or additional taxing system for non-voters, we would have seen 100% voting.   Everybody will get their electoral cards. 

And how about technology? Why cannot I vote through internet? 

And for the candidates, what do they intend to do if they win? and what do they intend to do if they lose?  You tried all sort of innovations to sell yourself - briyani, money, SMS ad, MMS ad, a seal on the newspaper, pamphlets, music on the road, and every possible way to show the public that 'you are there'. Question is 'where were you?'.

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