Sunday, March 28, 2010

BBMP Elections 2010

The much awaited BBMP Elections 2010 is here. Once the candidates areMr. known, we hope several pending projects will see good progress, atleast for the parties to be in good books of the citizens.

The campaign was going strong last week that even the MLA 'walked' on the road seeking support.  And every other candidate visited areas like slum, crowded by localities, who shouted slogans.  When I called the MLA's secretary last Sunday to convey that a pending civic work by the government has to be completed, all that he said was "sorry sir...we all are busy with elections..even the officers will not atted any civil work(!)".  But they would be gettign their salaries, right?

Entire public knows that even rowdies are the candidates.  Times of India publicized (see link) enough HD Kumarasamy's comment that "criminals should be a given chance because they make become good". Mr.HDK, if that was your attitude towards public, why not you start from home?  Why not you employ criminals as servants, drivers, and spouses for the to-be-married.  Give them a chance.

Some of the security guys said the parties approached them with 'goodies' to vote for their candidates. They would get Rs.250 or so. 

Our family went for casting our vote. But to get the reference slips, we had to approach 2 or 3 stalls that surround the polling booth.  Prior to that, I surfed the net for polling details, and came across this link. The Asklaila number was continously busy.

My prediction is BJP will take the lead. Lets see.

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