Thursday, March 18, 2010

IPL on YouTube

I thought IPL ( this year will be boring and monotonous. If not fever, I did watch most of the matches. Showers of sixes in all the matches and it was nice to see the rivals otherwise play as a team. I am wondering what do they discuss when they plan against other teams. Do they reveal the way they think when plan their strategies? One way its healthy and another aspect is too much money.

I tried watching IPL on youtube. Technology!  Recently I had changed my Airtel broadband speed from 2 Mbps to 512Kbps. The speed was good. There was 3-5 minutes delay when I compared it with the live match.

Forgot to mention, got to see a lots of new faces, youngsters getting opportunity to play with, against international players. Its time the old players reduce their participation in the international matches and leave opportunity to the youth.

The IPL team color uniforms are really appealing; look nice on even a bad looking guys.

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