Saturday, December 25, 2010

Way to download Youtube videos

Yesterday I found a way to download Youtube Videos through a free software.  Youtube has a wealth of information.  Thanks to YouTube, knowledge is truly free.

The tool name is FreeCorder (link).  You can play the Youtube vidoes and then save it as FLV and various other file formats as MP4. I was able to download both from Firefox and IE.

It is supposed to take the Youtube video URL and give me choice to download in different formats.  It worked in IE but not in Firefox.  (Firefox was probably suspicious about uncertified apps!).  IE did not care, it just prompted me to run a Java Runtime and I was able to download.

Alternatively, irrespective of IE or Firefox, if you have played a video from youtube, this software tracks it, and you can download from there.  Ensure, you play the full video if you wanted it full.  This tool also have video format converter.

I started downloading very good videos of Anthony Robbins and Google Tech Talks from Youtube. The quality is very good. I hope to convert them into DVDs.


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