Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Beethoven Experience

Having listened to Maestro Ilayaraja's How To Name It and Nothing But Wind, I kind of know how symphony sounds like. And his recent contribution has been Thiruvaasagam.

I often wanted to listen to Mozart and Beethoven. You would have probably read science articles on how listening to Mozart music improves brain skills!


I always wanted to listen to Mozart and Beethoven, though I do not know how to appreciate their greatness. 

Yesterday, I gifted myself with a collection of Beethoven's symphonies and started listening to them!

I will research to understand the music better.  No matter what, its repeated listening that helps understand any classical music. Those legends did not have the "commercial pressure" that our current musicians have. The genius in music can be interrupted thoroughly only by experts. For common man, its music for soul.

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