Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year 2011 - Heads Up #5

Many of us buy gifts for ourselves, thanks to the flooding festive offers!

As you enter 2011, you may want to carry one essential and powerful tool with you: its called Forgiveness. Its a forgotten art of forgiveness!

How much ever happy we be, but it we carry grudges and mental poisons, whereever we go, life is going to be disastrous. Its like growing a fruit tree among filth.

We never realize that by not forgiving we hold on to our negative past and negative people. Life is meant to be fast forward!  Lets move on; lets move forward and not backward.

There is every reason for us to not forgive those people or incidents; but, but, can we devote sometime, and explore, invent and devise enough reasons to forgive the past.

We are better off, we are alive today probably because someone has forgiven us someday but they did not tell us.

So, think of all those people - it could be your relatives, neighbours, your family, especially your parents, your colleagues, someone very stupid, your friends, your well wishers, and including yourself.

Religions teach us this principle already - but to me its a common sense thing. Forgiveness is unassumingly simple and powerful tool that every time you apply, it will transform your life.

Forgiveness is good for your health. Forgiveness makes your more beautiful.

If for some reason, you cannot reach out to the person, forgive him mentally and you get transformed.

Go, find more than enough excuses on why to forgive someone.  Go, make new year yours!


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  1. A motivating thought for our own good indeed...Am sure can make anyone feel 10kgs lighter...