Friday, January 14, 2011

The effect of media on your day

We all have been groomed right from school days on the newspaper reading habits. The intention then was to stay current on the current events, general knowledge. The newspapers of the old good days delivered a holistic news and there were popular columnists.

Times have evolved and there is so much negativity on our media. We are exposed to so much news on terrorism, corruption, violence, abuse and what not. It does not mean those days were golden days that our grand parents enjoyed every single day. Our media has new technology, and more competition. The crime reporting has been dominating and some how we became glued to the news channels and news papers on a daily basis and keeping ourselves 'very current'.  The 'breaking news' are not really declaring any great news for a common man but an interim on the current negative incident.  I recall how Headlines Today channel took Sania Factor as a news theme and analyzed about her personal side. That was crazy!

There were days, I used to look for Times of India by 6 am and insisted the newspaper guy to deliver on time. Then I 'experimented' different newspapers like Deccan Herald, DNA in between. But the newspaper boy comes just before I leave to office - and I am thankful for him. Because I donot get to read a newspaper on the morning, because I do not give myself time in the morning, I am not polluting my mind. If I have to read, I read after coming back from office. Bangalore Mirror which is supposed to expose "the other side of Bangalore" wrote a cover story on Police Commissioner shaving his head on account of his friend's death. There are subject matter experts in the news media, but as they 'Bad News Sells' - most of them are delivering bad news.

The news on the media, the news that the media highlights as effect on our everyday psychology. I do not mean to hide our faces from reality. The emphasis can be on positivity. Positivity breeds positivity.

I tried practising for a week, and got out of my habit of grabbing the newspaper with love.

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