Sunday, January 2, 2011

The innocent sales boys

I had been to a mall today; noticed busy sales men and sales women all around - right from car parking through premier stores.

I treat them with utmost regard when they approach me or when I approach them. 

Some are good looking; some look learned;

Some interact well; some bluff;

Some are knowledgeable; some are not.

I used to wonder, for their age, if they had got the right standard of education, they would have been in a reputed job.

Last week, I met a girl in MK Ahmed Stores (Dollars Layout) who was sitting on the floor because she was standing since morning. Other girl was weeping over some internal issue with her other peers.

Their family background is not that great most of the times; we can assume so - they may not be doing this job for name sake. They could be the bread winners of their families.

Happen to watch Angadi Theru movie today in the TV.  Some of the story bits could have been exaggerated, but many things could have been true. But I did not have the courage to watch the movie!

What these workers grow to? What kind of fortune will they make?

I think the very basic thing we can do is respect them and help them where possible

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