Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Stuttering is in mind

I had been to a relatives wedding at Chennai. 

One of my young cousins has been suffering from stuttering for a quite long time. I asked him from when he has been going through this. He said since the day he learnt to speak. It was very sad to see him dragging his words to complete a sentence. I helped him with certain neuro association patterns. Looks like a doctor has given him technical explanation that he has been inhaling less air which leads to stuttering. 

At one point, I proved my cousin that he has not stuttered for the past 3 hours continuously. Because, just because, he was joking, pulling somebody's legs, and was on top of the world forgetting himself that he "has" stuttering. When my sister returned to the room, he spoke with severe stuttering which I could not believe! It is like, he has been constantly telling himself mentally he has stuttering. I taught him how to eliminate this completely. That I am away from him, he needs to do this practice frequently and emotionally stronger till his brain gets hold of his new pattern.

I will share the results after reviewing him sometime.

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