Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Unnai Pol Oruvan: Reflections

This is not a movie review - but reflections after watching Unnai Pol Oruvan movie.

The movie is all about common man's anger on why terrorism cannot be handled in the right way.

All the criminals, corrupts spend endless days in the jails which is not really a punishment. Jail life is just a restriction from the public life. But they still have access to everything. They control the world they want to conquer.

Our laws are very weak that it takes a revolution to change the system. Some stories say that Haiti is the no.1 corrupt country. We dont know what is the measurement system but there is nothing small and big in corruption.

There was a news a couple of days back that a brave lady killed a militant. But these are not everyday happenings. Like terrorism should be handled with terrorism, the corrupt also should be treated with zero-tolerance.

There should be no escape for anybody who is corrupt. Do not keep them in jail. They should be treated with same feel for terrorists.

The movie just made me think on these lines. But this will not provoke anybody to action.

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